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*          State Veteran’s and Military Affairs Committee Schedule


April 4, 2016       Room 271 @ 1:30 PM

SB 16-070             Evertt—Prohibit Discrimination Labor Union Participation

HB16-1300            Ryden .. Mail ballot Return Options Requirements & Procedures

SB 15 -074            Dore .. Mail Ballots Opt-out & Provide 25 -hour Drop Boxes

HB 16–1235         Van Winkle … Commissions Evaluating State Judicial Performance

HB 15-1200           Ransom … AG Authority over Fetal Tissue Transfers

April 6, 2016        Upon Adjournment  Room LSB-A

HB16-1346                 Lawrence- Open records subject to Inspection Denial

SB16-048                    Saine and Salazar—Require Notice from Federal agencies

HB16- 1368                 Tyler – Management of records in the State Archives

HB16-1217                 Ryden … Implement HOA Info Office Study Recommendations


Monday, April 11, 2016 1:30 PM    Room LSB –

HB16-1369                 Rosenthal=== Eliminate Criminal Penalty Self-disclosure ballot

HB16-1219                 Priola —- Motor Vehicle=related Services consolidation

HCR16-1001               Lundeen== Modify Operations of the General Assembly

HJR16-1010                Everett—Joint Rule Changes Reduce Introduced Legislation

HR 16-1004                Everett- 2/3rds House Members of Delayed Bill CMT


         Wednesday, April 13, 2015      UPON Morning adjournment                Room LSB-A

HB16-1212           Roupe—Temp Tax Incentive for Unreimbursed Medicaid Fees

HB16-1389           Joshi – Safety Procedures Photos as Evidence Child Abuse


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