2016 Endorsements (in progress)

**NEW** Aurora Education Association

**NEW** Colorado AFL-CIO

Pipefitters Local 208

State Senator Michael Merrifield

Hon. Cherylin Peniston (Former State Representative)

Hon. Sara Gagliardi (Former State Representative)

BlueFlower Fund

Hon. Polly Baca (Former State Senator)

State Senator Nancy Todd

Hon. Suzanne Williams (Former State Senator )

Hon. Steve Ruddick (Former State Senator )

Jane Barber (Former APS Board Member)

Mike Hamrick (Former Arapahoe County Dems Chair)

Chris Alexander

Annie Ayers

Ken Barber

Ellen Belef

Dala Giffen

Eliza Hamrick

Karen Hass

Elaine Hughes

Ed Knox

Cindy Knox

Myrna Maier

Jim Maier

John Mortensen

Jeff Moser

Diane Rich

Bernie Rogoff

Sheila Schaffer

Terry Todd

Pat Weddig

Previous Endorsements

In my four previous campaigns, I have been honored to be endorsed by organizations representing fellow Coloradans in many different walks of life:

Colorado Conservation Voters

Colorado Professional Firefighters

Colorado Dental Assn.

BlueFlower Fund

American Subcontractors Assn.

Colorado AFL-CIO

Colorado Nurses Assn.

Sheet Metal Workers

Colorado Education Association

Women’s Lobby

American Federation of Teachers

Association of Federal, State and Municipal Employees

One Colorado

Aurora Sentinel


Aurora Sentinel Endorses Su Ryden!

Here’s what the Aurora Sentinel said in 2014:

House District 36: Su Ryden

“Ryden has become a dependable and important voice for protecting Buckley Air Force Base, and how the State can help retain and create jobs related to the base and aerospace industries.  She’s an avid part of a group that regularly holds public meetings for constituents, making it clear she listens and reacts to her constituents’ concerns.”© Copyright 2014, Aurora Sentinel, Aurora, CO.

Here’s what they said in 2010:

House District 36: Su Ryden

“State Rep. Su Ryden brought northern Aurora voters a bonus as a state lawmaker, that as expected, became a strong voice for small business, and unexpectedly became just as strong a voice for all state consumers.

“Ryden was a quick study as a first-term legislator and was able to bring her real-world experience as a small public-relations business owner to the House floor and committee room tables.

“Having dealt personally with the pain of being a health-care and jobs provider, she quickly became an advocate for legislation that brings relief on the regulatory and health-care front sooner rather than later.

“But she also has proven herself to be a savvy and insightful advocate for making state government easier to maneuver and more accountable.

“Her dedication to being accessible through regular coffee and town meetings has made her a welcome and important part of the state House, and Aurora voters will no doubt be rewarded in returning her for another term.”  © Copyright 2010, Aurora Sentinel, Aurora, CO.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

“Thank you for your hard work on HB1205 and willingness to support us throughout the process of bringing needed change to notification statutes.  Your insight and guidance has been essential to the success of this bill.  I know I speak for the 5000 members of the Colorado National Guard when I say ‘thank you.’  I look forward to working with you again on ways to improve the protection and integration of Colorado’s military assets.”
Maj. Gen. H. Michael Edwards
The Adjutant General for Colorado

“On behalf of the County Sheriffs of Colorado, and my own agency, I would like to extend our heartfelt thank you and congratulations for carrying and passing House Bill 10-1057.  This Bill modernized the entire process, and eliminated a bunch of antiquated and difficult to understand statutory provisions.”
Sheriff Joe Pelle
Boulder County Sheriff’s Office

“Our recommendation is given because of your excellent voting record on public education and public school employee issues, and particularly your vote on Senate Bill 191, which, as you know, is a critical issue for our members.  Thank you for advocating for children and public education.”
Beverly Ingle
President, Colorado Education Association

“Congratulations!  We are pleased to announce that you have received the endorsement of Planned Parenthood Votes Colorado.  You have demonstrated your strong support of women’s health.”
Kinsey Hasstedt
Planned Parenthood Votes Colorado

“We appreciate your interest in nursing and health care issues and look forward to working with you in the upcoming legislative sessions.”
Lola Fehr
President, Colorado Nurses Association

“Over the past four years, in partnership with you, we have successfully secured dollars to promote technology transfer, early stage companies and further develop infrastructure that benefits the sector.  We look forward to working with you to continue to foster and enable a thriving bioscience industry in Colorado.”
Political Action Committee
Colorado BioScience Association

“Your commitment to serving the citizens of this great state is admirable.  As small business owners, we are committed to doing our part to maintain healthy and vibrant communities through excellent job opportunities for Coloradans and regular and growing contributions to the budgets of state and local governments.  Our organization is pleased to endorse your candidacy.”
Colorado Licensed Beverage Assn.

I was honored to be endorsed by 56% of the voters in 2010!




Ken Salazar








Senator Ken Salazar

Morgan Carroll

State Senator Morgan Carroll

Ed Perlmutter

Congressman Ed Perlmutter
Diana Degette

Congresswoman Diana DeGette
Andrew Romanoff

Colorado House Speaker Andrew Romanoff

Frank Weddig

Arapahoe County Commissioner Frank Weddig

In addition, the following organizations endorsed me to represent House District 36 in the Colorado Legislature:

  • Doctors
    • Colorado Medical Society
    * Colorado Chiropractors Association
  • Lawyers
    • Colorado Trial Lawyers Association


  • Service Employees International Union (SEIU)
  • Colorado Assn. of Public Employees (CAPE)
  • United Transportation Union
  • AFL-CIO of Colorado
  • The Progressive Majority
  • Blueflower Fund
  • National Association of Social Workers
  • Colorado Professional Firefighters


  • Association of Federal, State and Municipal Employees (AFSCME)


  • Colorado Education Association (CEA)
  • American Federation of Teachers
  • Colorado Association of School Executives


  • Plumbers Local No. 3


  • Colorado State Conference of Electrical Workers


  • Sheetmetal Workers Local No. 9


  • Colorado Society of CPAs


  • Colorado Conservation Voters
  • Colorado Stonewall Democrats
  • Aurora Sentinel
  • State Representative Nancy Todd
  • State Senator Suzanne Williams
  • Mike Hamrick—Chair, Arapahoe County Democrats

“As a public school teacher and a supporter of public schools, it´s reassuring to know that someone who is committed to the success of public education is running for office. Su Ryden has always been supportive of our public schools.”
Mamie Garceo

If you are interested in endorsing Su, please email: