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How to be involved

The fact is that the legislative process is neither automatic or for spectators. It is for YOU. Below are some key ways you can be involved.

  • Attend Town Halls
  • Sign up for legislative updates
  • Book mark and review the “status sheets” summarizing all the introduced bills on the Colorado General Assembly website so you know what has been introduced
  • House Status Sheet:
  • Senate Status Sheet:
  • Bookmark and review the House and Senate Calendars identifying what bills will be in committee and when.
  • House Calendar:
  • Senate Calendar:
  • Attend House and Senate floor debates and committee hearings
  • Testify for or against bills that are important to you
  • Call or email us with your input on specific bills, ideas for future bills, suggested amendments, and research or information
  • Volunteer at the Capitol
  • Get to know your legislators. All of their information is available on the General Assembly website.
  • If you are unsure of who your legislator is you can go to


Legislative Update 2015

I cannot believe that we have already made it halfway through the 2015 legislative session! ! I am proudof the work I have done so far this session as Chair of the House State, Veteran, & Military Affairs Committee. I have been working hard with my colleagues at the State Capitol to assist working-class families across the state, help our veterans, and ensure that our elections are fair and accessible for all. I am committed to fighting for legislation that that moves Colorado forward and benefits our community.

– Su Ryden, State Representative for House District 36


Veterans Entrance Fee State Parks (HB 1045) – Rep. Ryden

The State of Colorado, and the nation as a whole, has a duty to treat our military members and veterans withthe utmost respect. House Bill 15-1045 provides a perk for our veterans today, granting them free admission to state parks and recreation areas to mark Veterans Day. This bill will reward hard working veterans and active duty personnel by allowing them to visit Colorado State Parks at no cost during a 3­day weekend period coinciding with Veterans Day.

Overseas Citizens Municipal Election Voting Access (HB 1130)- Reps. Ryden & Nordberg

This bipartisan bill will help active-duty military deployed overseas and other overseas citizens vote in local municipal elections. Federal, state and county elections are currently coordinated for overseas voting. House Bill 15-1130 updates municipal election code to bring it in line with federal, state and county election codes so overseas Coloradans can have their ballots counted in municipal elections. Active-duty military overseas and other citizens abroad deserve to have their voices heard in every election because democracy works best when everyone can participate.

Campus Sexual Assault Victim Medical Care (HB 1220)- Reps. Ryden & Danielson

House Bill 15-1220 would ensure that public and private universities have the resources and training to adequately respond to cases of sexual assault on their campuses. The bill requires that all public and private institutions of higher education that enter into a performance contract have posted information about where victims can obtain a medical exam, that staff have sexual assault training, and that transportation be available for victims of sexual assault. The universities and colleges must also provide referrals for students who wish to meet with victim advocates.

Prepay Postage For Mail Ballots (HB 1237)- Rep. Ryden

This piece of legislation will ensurethat every voter has their voice heard by providing prepaid postage on ballots. It requires that a return envelope with prepaid postage be sent to eligible voters for any mail ballot election. The bill also requires that the Secretary of State reimburse designated election officials and municipal clerks for the costs of providing postage prepaid return envelopes.

Vocation Rehabilitation Services (HB 1188)- Rep. Ryden & Primevera 

HB-1188 ensures that the Colorado Vocation and Rehabilitation Division is providing effective and comprehensive services in compliance with state and federal standards. This bill enacts numerous changes to the state vocation rehabilitation program for persons with disabilities within the Department of Human Services (DHS). These changes require the DHS to complete a comprehensive assessment and work with each program participant to develop an individualized employment outcome, authorize services and education programs that most appropriately address the rehabilitation needs of the program participant, and their employment goals.