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Why I need your support on Election Day

I am running for State Senate for many reasons, but the main reason I want to be your next State Senator in District 29 is to continue the work I have begun for our veterans, our teachers, and our middle class.

The choice is clear.

I have been endorsed by the Colorado and Aurora Education Associations because they know I will continue to stand up for our neighborhood schools and  against high stakes standardized testing and for-profit charter schools.

I was named the United Veterans Committee’s Legislator of the Year  because I have fought to ensure our veterans receive the benefits they deserve, and I will continue to do so in the Senate. I need to follow through with the completion of the Fitzsimons State Veterans Community Living Center and continue to be an outspoken voice for those that have served, and are serving, our county.

I have been endorsed by the Colorado AFL-CIO because I have always valued the thousands of working families they represent, and I will continue to do so as a State Senator. Unions helped build the middle class in our country, and I want to ensure our jobs stay in Colorado and workers receive the pay and benefits they deserve. I will work with my Democratic colleagues to ensure balance is brought back to the relationship between workers and corporate management. I will fight to raise the minimum wage, and work to reduce the unprecedented income inequality we are seeing in Colorado and around the country.

You can read about who has been supporting my opponent below, but I really just want to urge you to support the candidate that will be working for YOU, this Tuesday. There is far too much work to be done, and I hope you will choose me as your next State Senator.

Thank You,


P.S. **If you would like to join my dedicated team of volunteers, you can call my campaign manager, Ryan Case, at (720)336-9135 or you can sign up HERE, and we will be in contact with you shortly with more information.**



Su on jobs and the economy


Su on education




June 21, 2016

CONTACT:  Ryan Case 720-336-9135; Ryan@suryden.com



 State Rep. Su Ryden Decries Outside Money

Coming Into State Senate Race


In the Democratic primary contest for Senate District 29, State Rep. Su Ryden has earned the endorsement of both the Colorado Education Association and the Aurora Education Association, as well as the Colorado AFL-CIO— representing thousands of working families.  At the same time, two highly financed corporate interest groups—Raising Colorado and Assuring Quality Healthcare Access for Colorado—have been aggressively attempting to defeat Rep. Ryden in her bid for the Democratic candidacy.


When asked about her opponent benefitting from this outside PAC money, Ryden said, “I am appalled at the money that is being thrown into this campaign.  It shows that there is big money to be made from the Legislature’s decisions on school funding and the way we treat people who’ve been harmed by negligent doctors.”

She continued, “I have always been a champion for our working families and our neighborhood schools. I believe we must provide our teachers and kids with the resources they need for the complex process of teaching and learning. I am proud to have the endorsements of teachers and other local labor organizations.  While they are limited in their candidate donations, these outside groups can insert themselves into our elections and spend unlimited money on things like mailers and paid canvassers without voters really knowing where they’re coming from.  They are perfect examples of why we need campaign finance reform.”


Public records show, since April, Assuring Quality Healthcare Access for Colorado—which is affiliated with COPIC, Colorado’s largest medical malpractice insurance provider—has spent $88,462.94 in support of Fields’ campaign.  Raising Colorado, whose parent organization is funded by the likes of the Walton family and ultra-rich hedge funders, has been an outspoken proponent of for-profit charter schools and increasing high-stakes standardized testing.  Raising Colorado has spent a total of $50,545.08 towards supporting Fields’ campaign.  This isn’t the first time these groups have gotten involved in Colorado politics.  Since December 3, 2010, Assuring Quality Healthcare Access for Colorado has spent $514,241.14, and in the same timeframe, Raising Colorado has spent $1,056,909.99.


Despite all of this information being available to the public, too often it goes unnoticed by the media and voters.  When asked about Rep. Ryden’s concerns over these groups’ spending on behalf of Fields’ campaign, in an interview for an Aurora Sentinel article, Rhonda Fields denied knowing “…where that’s coming from”.  Regardless of Fields’ knowledge of the spending happening on her behalf, it is undeniable that shady PAC money is playing a large role in this campaign.  Ryden said “these groups don’t put money into campaigns unless they know they are going to get a return on their investment.”  Ryden went on to say, she “will continue her grassroots campaign until polls close next Tuesday at 7pm”, and “we will knock every door we can to encourage voters to get involved in these critical issues.”


Su’s thoughts on outside corporate money entering into the race for SD 29



June 14, 2016

CONTACT:  Ryan Case 720-336-9135 Ryan@suryden.com


 State Rep. Su Ryden Endorsed for State Senate by

Colorado Education Association and Aurora Education Association


State Representative Su Ryden, D-Aurora, has earned the endorsement of the Colorado Education Association (CEA) in her primary campaign for Senate District 29. Rep. Ryden was given the endorsement by the State of Colorado’s largest teachers union because of her proven track record as a champion for Colorado’s educators.

CEA, in their strong endorsement of Ryden, said, “It is always refreshing to work with a candidate who is not afraid to stand up for what is right, and we can assure you, Su is that type of lawmaker. She brings excellent credentials to this position, and is never afraid to make a tough vote. It is our honor to support Su in her primary campaign for Senate District 29.”

The endorsements further demonstrate the lines that have been drawn in the campaign.  Rep. Ryden has a strong track record championing progressive interests while her opponent has enjoyed support from corporate interests who are determined to disenfranchise our teachers and put insurance company profits above the interests of Colorado’s citizens.

Rep. Ryden, in response to the news of the endorsement, was quoted as saying “It is truly gratifying to receive the CEA’s support. I have supported our teachers as a State Representative because I truly believe investing in our students and teachers is absolutely crucial to a thriving society. When our teachers are given what they need to succeed, our students flourish. It is good to know that our educators are standing with me and I look forward to continuing to fight for them in the Senate.”

In addition to securing CEA’s endorsement, Ryden also earned the support of their local Aurora affiliate, the Aurora Education Association (AEA). These latest endorsements, along with the endorsements of two prominent Democratic Senate Education Committee members and former teachers, Sens. Nancy Todd and Michael Merrifield, have made it clear who Aurora teachers believe would be the strongest advocate to represent their needs in the Senate.

Rep. Ryden has long been a defender of educators and notably voted  “no” on the controversial bill SB10-191, which attaches 50% of teachers’ effectiveness evaluations to what many consider flawed standardized tests. Teachers and their union organizations have been fighting to roll back the flawed legislation since its passage – arguing that it takes precious classroom time from teachers and students, and allows administrators to unjustifiably fire qualified and experienced teachers in order to hire less-experienced and lower paid ones.

I Have Been Endorsed by the Aurora Education Association!

I have worked hard over the past eight years to give our teachers the time and resources to prepare the next generation to thrive, and to prevent the corporatization of our public school system, and it’s a great honor to have them by my side! Thank you to the AEA! I look forward to continuing my efforts in the Senate!

I Have Been Endorsed by Senators Nancy Todd and Michael Merrifield!

Over the past eight years as a State Representative I have been provided with the opportunity to work directly on the issues that I have cared deeply about my entire life. One of the issues that I have focused much of my energy on is improving our education system and advocating for our teachers. I have also worked alongside many inspiring and dedicated legislators who share this passion with me.

It is with this in mind that I am honored and humbled to announce that State Senators Michael Merrifield and Nancy Todd have officially endorsed me as their Democratic Choice for Senate District 29!

As former teachers and current members of the Senate Education Committee, it means a lot to me and my campaign to have their support.

Together we fought to scale back excessive and unnecessary standardized testing that hinders teachers and students’ ability to provide and receive the personalized attention required for a high quality education. We fought against SB-191 that puts undue pressure on teachers to ‘teach to the test’ and allows administrators to arbitrarily fire good teachers for less experienced and lower paid ones.

So it is good to know they are also fighting with me for my bid for State Senate. Ballots will be going into the mail June 6th, and I hope when you receive yours, you will also support my campaign and the fight for a better education system.


I Have Been Endorsed by the Colorado AFL-CIO!

The AFL-CIO has been fighting for workers and our middle class for much longer than I have been a legislator, so it is an incredible honor to be named their Democratic choice for Senate District 29!

The momentum in my campaign continues to build as we approach the June 28th Primary, and with your help—and the help of organizations like the AFL-CIO—I can continue to protect our endangered middle class in the State Senate just as I did in the House.

I believe, as does the AFL-CIO, that I am the best candidate to go up against the Republicans this fall and to fight for our Democratic values for the next four years in the Senate. If you’d like to join the Colorado AFL-CIO in supporting my campaign, Click HERE to sign up to volunteer, or you can make a donation by clicking the contribute button on this front page.

CONTACT: Rep. Ryden 303-898-5797 | Dep. Comms Director Katy Fleury 303-866-2863


K9 Protection Act Now Law
Hick Signs Ryden Bill to Strengthen Punishment for Harming Law Enforcement Animals

(June 10) – Earlier this week, Gov. John Hickenlooper signed the K9 Protection Act, a bill by Rep. Su Ryden, D-Aurora, to stiffen financial penalties for purposely harming certified police-working dogs.  The new law will allow a person to be held responsible for restitution that includes training and certification costs in addition to any veterinary bills and replacement costs of the animal if the dog is disabled or killed as a result of the incident. Training police dogs is very expensive, costing as much as $20,000.  

“We all know how important it is for our law enforcement officers to have the right tools for every situation and dogs are an integral part of their work,” said Rep. Ryden, D-Aurora. “This law will hold responsible any person who intentionally causes harm to these animals.”

HB16-1348 was signed on Monday, June 6.  

ATTACHED: Rep. Su Ryden and Sen. Nancy Todd with Sgt. Brandon Samuels of the Aurora Police Dept. and law enforcement dog “Deuce,” at the signing of HB1348, the K9 Protection Act.

# # #

About the Colorado General Assembly House Democrats
Colorado’s 65-member House of Representatives includes 34 Democrats dedicated to a strong state economy and a quality education for every Colorado child. For more information, visit
cohousedems.com. For current and past House proceedings, go to Comcast Channel 165 or coloradochannel.net. Follow us on Facebook atfacebook.com/COHouseDems, and on Twitter @COHouseDem.



Hon. Robert McDonald, Secretary of the US Dept. of Veterans Affairs (left) and Frank McCurdy, President of the United Veterans Committee (right).


I am beyond humbled to have been given the Distinguished Legislator Award for a second time by the United Veterans Committee of Colorado! I would just like to thank all the veterans that have sacrificed so much for our country. It has been my pleasure to serve you as a State Rep. and I look forward to continuing to do so as a State Senator.


I am so incredibly proud to have been named this year’s Woman of the Year by the Aurora Chamber of Commerce!


State Rep. Su Ryden selected as

2016 Woman of the Year

by the Aurora Chamber of Commerce


State Representative Su Ryden, D-Aurora, has been chosen as the 2016 Woman of the Year by the Aurora Chamber of Commerce.  Rep. Ryden was recognized for her long-time dedication contributions to the business community and the community as a whole at The Chamber’s annual dinner this past Friday, March 25.

Kevin Hougen, President and CEO of The Chamber said, “Su has consistently advocated for small businesses in Aurora, both as a business owner and now as a legislator.  Several members nominated Su for passing the bill that resulted in the 2015 Report on the Comprehensive Military Value and Economic Impact of Department of Defense Activities in Colorado.”

When asked about the award, Rep. Ryden said, “It is a tremendous honor to have been selected as the Aurora Chamber’s Woman of the Year.  Since the economic crisis that started in 2008, I have supported numerous bills that have contributed to creating good, high paying jobs throughout Colorado.”

As a small business owner and consistent advocate for small businesses in Aurora, Rep. Ryden said she is particularly proud to have sponsored bills in 2013 and 2014 to ensure the continued operation and expansion of the Procurement Technical Assistance Centers (PTAC) throughout Colorado.  PTAC gives Colorado businesses free guidance and assistance in procuring federal, state and local government contracts.  Last year alone, PTAC served over 3,000 businesses that were successful bidders on over $350 million in contracts.

Rep. Ryden has also sponsored several bills to ensure the future viability of Buckley Air Force Base as a vital national security center and a major economic driver for Aurora. During the current legislative session, she is introducing bi-partisan major legislation for regulatory reform and procurement modernization, designed to level the playing field for small business.

Since being elected in 2008, Rep. Ryden has been selected by her colleagues to a number of leadership positions.  Currently, she serves as the Majority Whip in the State House.  She also chairs the State, Veterans & Military Affairs Committee, is Vice-Chair of the Legislative Audit Committee, and serves on the Health Insurance & Environment and Health Exchange Oversight Committees. She has also been active in national legislative organizations, serving as State Director of Women in Government.

Rep. Ryden is term-limited this year and has announced that she is running for the Colorado State Senate to succeed Sen. Morgan Carroll.  In addition to her legislative work, she owns her own advertising and public relations firm, Ryden & Associates Integrated Marketing.

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